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Fallen fruits. Civil Code, Article 984.

Fruit that falls from a tree onto neighbouring land belongs to the owner of the tree



Trees, branches or roots. Civil Code, Article 985.

If branches or roots extend over or upon an owner's land from the neighbouring land and seriously obstruct its use, the owner may request his neighbour to cut them and, if he refuses, compel him to do so. If a tree on the neighbouring land is in danger of falling on the owner's land, he may compel his neighbour to fell the tree, or to right it.



Trees and agricultural land. Civil Code, Article 986.

The owner of land used for agricultural purposes may compel his neighbour to fell the trees along and not more than five metres from the dividing line, if they are seriously damaging to his operations, except trees in an orchard or sugar bush and trees preserved to embellish the property.



Fences. Civil Code, Article 1002.

Any owner of land may fence it, at his own expense, with walls, ditches, hedges or any other kind of fence. He may also require his neighbour to make, in equal portions or at common expense, on the dividing line between their lands, a fence suited to the situation and use made of the place.



Common fence, Civil Code, Article 1003

A fence on the dividing line is presumed to be common. Similarly, a wall supporting buildings on either side is presumed to be common up to the point of disjunction.



Criminal Code Of Quebec

Interfering with international boundary marks, etc.

  • 443. (1) Every one who wilfully pulls down, defaces, alters or removes
  1. (a) a boundary mark lawfully placed to mark any international, provincial, county or municipal boundary, or
  2. (b) a boundary mark lawfully placed by a land surveyor to mark any limit, boundary or angle of a concession, range, lot or parcel of land,is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

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